What’s On & When.

Please see our Events Calendar below for details of all upcoming BNP Paribas events.





21-09-2016Imperial College Business School Careers Fair London
23-09-2016Lund University, Linc Investment Banking ForumLund
28-09-2016Stand Out (Stafford Long event)London
29-09-2016LSE, Banking and Financial Services FairLondon
29-09-2016University of Warwick Asia Pacific Centre Careers Fair, The ShardLondon
04-10-2016HEC, International Finance ForumParis
04-10-2016LSE Workshop event (please apply via LSE careers)London
06-10-2016Forum VIEParis
07-10-2016University of Cambridge, Tutorial Session at Judge Business School (please apply via business school)Cambridge
11-10-2016UCL, UCL Banking and Finance FairLondon
13-10-2016University of Cambridge, Banking and Finance FairCambridge
13-10-2016FEEL - EnsimagParis
15-10-2016Bocconi Investment Bank WeekendMilan
18-10-2016CIB Women Event in ParisParis
20-10-2016University of Warwick, Business Finance and Consultancy FairWarwick
20-10-2016 X-Forum: Forum PolytechniqueParis
24-10-2016Women in Capital Markets, in-house (apply directly online)London
26-10-2016University of Cambridge, Careers in Quantitative Finance Fair (Centre for Mathematical Sciences)Cambridge
02-11-2016Durham University, Business and Finance Careers and Internship FairLondon
03-11-2016 CIB Women in Quantitative FinanceParis
10-11-2016Women in Capital Markets, in-house (apply directly online)London
11-11-2016Career Forum (CEMs)Vienna
12-11-2016Career Forum (CEMs)Vienna
18-11-2016Careers Fair (EurOUT)London
22-11-2016CIB Discovery Day for Business Students in ParisParis
23-11-2016Bocconi & JobsLondon
24-11-2016Global Markets Quant DaysParis
01-12-2016CIB Discovery Day for Engineering Students in ParisParis
25-01-2017Women in Capital Markets, in-house (apply directly online)London

To be selected for one of our Paris Discovery Days, please apply with your CV to gm.peopledev@bnpparibas.com

Applications will be carefully reviewed, and selected candidates will receive confirmation by email.