In a changing world, we’re spreading the word.

As well as being one of the world’s leading banks, BNP Paribas is also a great place to work – particularly for graduates. It’s not just the training and development: it’s the atmosphere too. Numerous graduates have been surprised by how warm, collaborative and genuinely friendly the culture here is.

That’s why we’re doing all we can to get the word out about our great graduate opportunities. We’re giving presentations and attending campus recruitment fairs right across Europe, from Lund to LSE.

We’re also hosting our Women in Capital Markets series, as well as Insight Days, which give students the chance to explore our offices and get a taste of life here.

Take a look at our events below, or visit our events calendar to find out more.


Campus visits & in-house events:

21 September 2016 – Imperial College Business School Careers Fair

23 September 2016 – Lund University, Linc Investment Banking Forum

27 September 2016 – Women in Capital Markets, in-house (apply directly online)

28 September 2016 – Stand Out (Stafford Long event)

29 September 2016 – LSE, Banking and Financial Services Fair

29 September 2016 – University of Warwick Asia Pacific Centre Careers Fair, The Shard

4 October 2016 – HEC, International Finance Forum

4 October 2016 – LSE Workshop event (please apply via LSE careers)

6 October 2016 – Forum VIE, Paris

7 October 2016 – University of Cambridge, Tutorial Session at Judge Business School (please apply via business school)

11 October 2016 ­– UCL, UCL Banking and Finance Fair

13 October 2016 ­–University of Cambridge, Banking and Finance Fair

13 October 2016 – FEEL – Ensimag, Paris

15 October 2016 – Bocconi Investment Bank Weekend, Milan

20 October 2016 – University of Warwick, Business Finance and Consultancy Fair

20 October 2016 – X-Forum: Forum Polytechnique, Paris

24 October 2016 – Women in Capital Markets, in-house (apply directly online)

26 October 2016 – University of Cambridge, Careers in Quantitative Finance Fair (Centre for Mathematical Sciences)

2 November 2016 – Durham University, Business and Finance Careers and Internship Fair

9 November 2016 – TRIUM, Paris

10 November 2016 – Women in Capital Markets, in-house (apply directly online)

11 November 2016 – Career Forum (CEMs), Vienna

12 November 2016 – Career Forum (CEMs), Vienna

15 November 2016 – CentraleSupélec, Paris

18 November 2016 – Careers Fair (EurOUT), London

23 November 2016 – Bocconi & Jobs, London