Get an in-depth insight

Summer internships last 10 to 12 weeks They are designed to give penultimate-year students an in-depth insight into BNP Paribas, which can help with future career choices.

The internship is highly interactive and includes formal training, workshops, speaker series, and networking and social events. There’s also an induction which covers  professional skills and essential business knowledge.

We also recruit a big number of long-term interns on a rolling basis, with contracts ranging from six to 12 months. We will provide you with a detailed understanding of the investment banking sector and give you the opportunity to experience a full-time role in any one of our business areas. From the outset you will be contributing to the output of your team, taking responsibility, working with sector-leading professionals on key projects and adding to your portfolio of skills and experience. Long-term Internships provide an exceptional platform from which to launch a career. To be eligible for a long-term internship you must still be in full-time higher education or to have graduated within a year in the UK.

Although you won’t have the skills and experience to be a fully-fledged member of the team, the tasks you’ll be given are important and will bring you into the thick of things. To ensure you’re up to the challenge, you’ll need to pass a rigorous selection process that involves a numeracy test and an assessment day, in addition to your application. We’re looking for ambition, determination and high academic performance – but also the team spirit to help colleagues, whatever the problem or situation.

For many students, an Internship is a springboard to a graduate career. It’s an opportunity not only to learn and discover, but to prove yourself capable too. Your managers will do everything they can to give you exposure to the business and help you identify your strengths. That way, you’ll have a good idea of what you want to do, if you decide to join us full-time.